• Sermon Series & Small Group Study • January 27-February 24

    On 01-27-2019, 9:00 a.m.

    “Everybody Always”
    Sermon Series and Small Groups Study
    (A five-week study)
    On Sunday, January 27th, Eddie Bromley, Sky McCracken and David Comperry will begin a five-week sermon series that follows the book“Everybody Always” by Bob Goff, the material that is being used in our church-wide study.
    First Methodist is going to approach this from multiple angles—via the 5-week sermon series, punctuated with small group studies scattered throughout the week (and throughout town) to delve a bit deeper. Check out the list and register here.
    Now, you will not have to read the book or be in one of the small groups in order to appreciate or get something from the sermon series. However, those who do will find the sermons enhance both their reading and what is being discussed in the small group setting.
    We need one another to challenge, encourage, correct, and support each other toward becoming more like Christ, as well as help us with life’s challenges, or what Wesley called “watching over each other in love.” We encourage you to prayerfully consider participating!
    Here’s a look ahead at topics being discussed:
       Sunday, January 27 • “Love People Where You Are”
       Sunday, February 3 • “Catch People on the Bounce”
       Sunday, February 10 • “Don’t Play it Safe”
       Sunday, February 17 • “Look at What’s in Your Bucket”
       Sunday, February 24 • “Love Even the Difficult People”
  • 4-Week Pickleball Training starts January 10!

    On 01-10-2019, 7:00 p.m.